Husband filed annulment,was dismissed. Can wife claim maintenance

We got married in May 2012. On 1 August 2012 i requested my husband to take me to my parental home as i want to celebrate raksha bandhan with my younger brother i.e., on 2nd aug. He himself dropped me to bus stand and told me that he will come to my parental house after some days to take me back, which was not happen.After few days I tried to contact my husband and his family. There were no response. Infact my husband is not interested in her.Then on 09 the November 2012 he filed suit for annulment saying he was not interested his mother coerced him to marry. That suit for annulment was dismissed by judgement and decree dated 07.07.2015. On 29th September 2015 I filed maintenance case u/sec 125 of Cr.P.C with interim maintenace. After filing maintenace my husband wrote a letter in the month of Oct 2015 stating that "I request you to return within next days to your matrimonial home and join him, failing which I shall treat that you have left matrimonial home permanently with no intention of joining me again". On that ground my interim maintenance has been dismissed on 10/03/2016. I don't know what to do. my life has become miserable . I am depending on my old father.Whether there is any ground for appeal (to challenge the order). Please guide me.