House Property

My name is Meenakshi. 15 years ago,My Father's elder brother means my uncle and our family has decided to built home jointly in village.In 2004 house is almost built including 5 rooms on both sides and kitchen on both sides.My uncle's family started living in the new house and my father never said them to don't use our rooms and farms. From the starting of construction,my father gave money to his elder brother and in house there is 2 electric meter, in which one is on the name of my father.My father was working out of town so we lived with our father on rent out of the town.Now 2013,when my father took retirement from job and ask for leave the one side of house then my father's elder brother said to him you didn't give complete money so can't live here. But till the completion of house my father asked about money and they said no money left from your side.My father gave almost 4 lacs during construction before 15 years and now if we build new house then to build it we have to invest 10-15 lacs .Now we want that my father's brother gave us money back according to today 's market rate.Please Advise me what action can we take to get our money back because now father don't want to live in that house.My eamil id is [deleted].