Advice Required

I got married in April 2010. It was a arranged marriage. I knew the girl from my childhood as we are distant related. we have a 4 year old daughter. she was working in airline industry before marriage in south India and i was working in north India as a Computer Administrator. as she didn't get transfer even after 6 months of marriage to north, we jointly decided that she will resign and will join me. by that time she conceived doctor also suggested her to take break from job due to health conditions and shift job timings. after delivery she was at her mothers house and i also took transfer/deputation. i had to move back to north due to official commitments and she stayed back as her sisters marriage was fixed. it followed by her mothers accident and i asked her to stay with her till she is discharged from hospital. after her mother was discharged, i asked her to come to north as my mother was also not well. She came to north but started finding reasons to go back to south. the reasons were winters, some function/marriage etc. and she would return only after 2-3 months. in Feb 2014 my father also had health issues and was hospitalised for more than 1 month for his treatment. I asked her to return back to north. In the due course I noticed that she was not willing to stay in north and wanted to go to south. Due to my parents health conditions and my wife's desire, I decided to relocate to south. I resigned from my job in north after getting job in south through my contacts in June 2014 and brought my parents to south. On reaching south I found that she was having links with her old boy friends and used to go out with him by lying to me or my parents, used to speak to him over phone for long hours, late night. When I asked her to whom she is speaking she lied to me that she is speaking to some other person. Inorder to track her activities I planted a spy software on her phone which revealed the truth that she is cheating. She started creating problems, started fighting with me and my parents on small issues and suddenly asked me for mutual divorce. Inorder to keep the marriage intact and for the future of our daughter, I told her to be patient and give 3 months time inorder to fix issues, though I was aware of the actual fact. At that time she agreed but again started creating problems after a month. I didn't react to her and kept my patience. In the meantime, she got a job and I thought it would heal the problems. At that time, I asked her parents to come and stay with us so that things could be streamlined at home. She didn't stop her activities after getting the job and was more free as her parents were here to take care of the home. When it went out of control, I told this to her parents and she agreed everything and told that she will stop her all unwanted activities. After that I had also removed the spying software, but reinstalled it after 10 days when I got her infos again. When checked, I found that she is discussing things between both of us with him over phone, telling him things within the family. I warned her again personally but this time I didn;t stop spying. Now a year has passed but still she is having relations with different persons. She is going out with them late nights, bunking from office informing them that my mother is hospitalised and I have language problem. She going to hiss house when he is alone and be their for few hours. In the meantime she got the info that I am spying on her as I tried stopping her from doing unwanted activities. Had informed the same to her parents and recently to my parents when things were going out of control. In her recent chats I saw an communication with one of her BF's that she will commit suicide and write a letter blaming me, else she will kill me and then commit suicide. I wanted to have following advice: 1) If she does that will their be any impact on me as I am having proof of what she has been doing 2) Can I file a report in police station mentioning my wife's intention, if yes then what is the procedure 3) If I opt for mutual divorce, how can I keep my daughter with me as I don't want her life to be ruined, which i fear may happen if she stays with her mother 4) Can I get divorce without paying any re-enumeration or Alimony