Divorce Notice received from wife

Hi, I had love marriage in Dec 2012. My wife left home Oct 2015. We have no baby. I have received divorce notice from my wife (IT employee, salary 12Lac/Year) where she has put allegation as below : 1. Me, my parent & sister were used to scold, annoy, quarrel & taunting her. 2. We lower down her status of leaving to domestic servant. 3. We enforce her to carry out all domestic expenses since she is working. 4. We force her to have a baby from our wedlock. On these basis she has asked for divorce & demanded money against few things like below: 1. Total rent amount which she has given for initial few months after marriage 2. While she was in UK, I visited her for a week on her invitation. Claiming all expenses she did for me. 3. Marriage Exp 4. Arrangement to have residential flat 5. Permanent Alimony 6. Stridhan I do have flat (on my name) which was booked 2 yrs before marriage. Is there any chance she can claim for flat? May I know out of these which I can deny & which I will have to accept? Thanks In Advance.