Irrevocable power of authority & Registered development agreement

We purchased 49 gunthas land in 2004 for development on irrevocable power of authority from Mr A & development agreement from Mr A . The same were Registered with the sub registrar. consent(sahmiti) was given by his 2 sons and 3 daughters on the development agreement and their photos and signatures were taken by the sub registrar on the development agreement .80 % amount was paid. Mr A 's father had 2 wifes and their children got their name registered in other rights on 7/12. We stopped the payment and told them by telegram and registered post to settle the family problem for further payment. so that balance amount can be paid to them. Mr A and his 2 sons died in 2008. Now the 7/12 has the names of the 3 daughters(who gave consent),2 wife's of the deceased sons, 4 grand sons and 3 grand daughters of Mr A on 7/12 as the owners.My name is not there on the 7/12 in rights or other rights column. We sold 12 gunthas (4 plots )to 4 people Mr w,x,y&z on notrary paper in 2007 and 2012 .Now where do I stand on the right to the 39 gunthas and the 4 people Mr w,x,y&z stand on the right to the plots..