If my wife want to give divorce?

Hi, i did a love marriage of 5 years relationship and we get married also after our family member accept.and my mother stays in a village she make us to live separate in Bangalore because my work is here only and she is also working here in some company.so daily i'll pick & drop daily because of our office timing same.and she was started showing her ego for silly silly fights she was doing drama of a suicide.however i thought and decided to leave with her only because before marrying her i cries lot in front of family so they accepted.if she fight with me also i was keeping quit because all will scold me only if i tell anything.11 months are going on till now my family members never came to my home because they thought we live happy if we go some problem will come like that.anyways her torched is going upon me last December she was in affair with someone i dont know why because every happiness i have given her if she refuse me in the night also i was intimating with her(because im a sexmachine).then too she was having affair i caught her up by hacking her whats app because am a genius guy so i was seeing her conversations in my mobile.but before hacking whats app i never seen her mobile or never asked to whom ur texting and chatting because i trust her so.after this when i caught her right hand she was shocked and asked me lot of sorri'es (excuse i know i can forgive her but if you listened what mistake she has done then u'll tell) i thought now she will listen me and she obey my words after this but for few days she was good but again she repeated the old fighting for silly things.this Friday she used so many bad words for me just i asked her salary for some problem so i slapped her again she was using rough words in early morning again i slapped then i got ready and told her to get up and ready because ill only her drop her na so but she get up and went to her mother home.i thought shell go and come back this is not an issue so i went.but she went to her mother home and came back with her family so our family members said come in night we will talk so the night came and my family put condition after all blaah blaah talking(their is much more story ill tell persoanlly) we dont keep her here we will keep in a village for that thing only she refused me she said she dont want me and they went by saying they will inform us after 8 days whats their decision so im confused im just wishing if she leave thats good. but my bloody bugger heart is saying for a second i want her now what will happen i dont know on 13/3/2016