How to proceed for divorce

I am married for 2 yrs 08 months My wife is staying way for 18 months ,she left house on a very small quarrel. have son of 23 months now. Due to support of her parents , she over ruled my words to join work when baby was 5 months old and started working in blr where I stay ,leaving the kid at her parents house much against our wish ,her parents saying not leave job because of kid as they will look after . With great difficulty we accepted to leave kid at her house and she started working in blr , I have never told her to work during pregnancy and after child birth and have never taken even a single rupee from her earnings. For small issue she left my house and started staying in a PG very near to my house living the kid at her parents house and visiting kid on weekends . They are not bothered to discuss and sort out the difference in spite of me n my dad calling to come back and lead a good life. Her parents are playing saying that husband and wife should sort out and have washed their hands She is very violent and silly in talks when I call her , she telling only to come to her home and sort out and take us with me. I the mean time they have named the kid with out information to us and the not responding properly by not receiving calls . Now they are telling its your kid and wife , u come and take I am telling since she left house and never bothered to sort out issues ,still I can I can give her chance for sake of kid , she must come home first apologise for her mistakes of going away and naming the kid with out our knowledge , but she is not ready to come , she says if you want kid u come and take us or leave like this only ,If you want u send divorce ,but I will not sign so easily , I will make u n your family suffer for all these days she is staying alone in PG very close to my home and never bothered to come back. Her parents are playing games , telling u only sud come n take wife , even if she has left home keeping kid in mind , I am not in a position to decide please advice