Can a child appeal to set aside ex parte divorce between parents

My father who was originally from Sikkim had left Sikkim and changed his identity/name, concealed about this fact and married my mother from West Bengal saying that he was an orphan. He lived in West Bengal after his service from Army. They lived together for more than 15 years and I was born out of this marriage. My father abandoned us when his real identity came to light and he started living in Sikkim and assumed his Sikkimese identity. My mother filed two cases against my father in Sikkim for "Restitution of Conjugal Rights" and "Maintenance" of my mother and me. Both his names were mentioned in the case. My father in the meantime filed a divorce case against my mother in West Bengal using his 2nd identity/name. My father tried to stop the case in Sikkim saying that he had married in West Bengal. But the Sikkim Court rejected the plea saying that the case was first filed by my mother in Sikkim and also because my father is from Sikkim. The case went on for around 5 years where family counselling also took place and my father also admitted to changing his identity/name. My mother initially attended West Bengal court case when she was served notice and she was informed/misinformed by her lawyer that the West Bengal case had been put on hold on as the case in Sikkim was filed first. In reality, West Bengal case was never on hold and the case continued and eventually, an ex parte divorce was granted in favour of my father. Ex parte divorce decree granted by West Bengal court was submitted in Sikkim court to dismiss the two cases filed first by mother. My father never maintained my mother and me and as such we survived on borrowed loans from family members till I completed my studies and started earning. My father passed away on February 2014 after 15 years, ex parte divorce was granted. I took out court order papers from both Sikkim and West Bengal. I understand that the limitation period for my mother to appeal has already passed. Can I, as their only child appeal to at least if not to revoke but to relook into the case with the new revelation of fact that the name under which my father had filed a case in West Bengal was not his real identity and also because of that verdict I as a daughter am facing identity crisis.