498a High court appeal bail order

My bail got rejected in session court and within 10 days I appealed in Delhi high court. Below is the order from high court. Exemption allowed to subject to all just exceptions. The application stands disposed of. 1. Issue notice 2. App for state accept notice and seeks time to file status report till next date of hearing. 3.Renotify on XX april 2016. 4. In the meantime, issue notice to the complainant, on steps being taken , by all permissible modes, returnable on XX april 2016. 5. Response shall be filed by the complainant before the next date of hearing. FIR registered , parents have secured AB in session court itself. My questions are : 1. Do I have any kind of protection/interim bail till XX April ? 2. Whether the notice should be served by court to the other party(complainant) to submit the reply or it's my lawyer who need to initiate this process ? 3. On this day of order other party and their counselor were present in front of court.So, what notice is this ? The reason I am asking this question , because I just want to make sure my lawyer is not taking me on ride as he asked for some amount to issue the notice. TIA.