Pending Salary

Hello My name is varun, I am working with a technical support company as a manager, its been 8 months i am working with this company with in these 8 months i have got only 2-3 time my salary on time otherwise everytime it was a delay in salary and incentives, so i asked 2 of my friends to join the company... So they started working but after. Sometime they got frustrated what is happing we never get our salary on time so we discussed with the boss and that discussion went to argument..and one the agent was not able achieve the target for the previous month and the reason behind the company was not able provide enough call flow and before that agent was top performer for complete 3 months so without giving them any warning they asked them to leave and told them they will get the salary after r45 days.. But according to that company policy agent will get warning for 2 weeks and if he or she fails to do so then agent will be terminated so they did, now its been 45 days company is saying they ll give after 25 days and now i am in the situation my salary date is 7th and they are saying they will give my salary after 1 week and i am still working with the organisation but i think they again try to do something wrong.... So please help me what i ca do in both the situations