Private compliant filed by my wife

Dear Sir, My wife trying to file a private complaint on me and my family members with false allegations. They have already put a complaint against me and my parents in a police station at last resided address in June 2013,under section 498A, 313 of IPC & 3 &4 DP Act. later, I was under Judicial custody for 20days till I got bail. In charge sheet the Police charged me, my parents were not staying with us. hence I was attending courts proceedings. Our marriage took place in bangalore we were staying in quarters provided by my employer. later I Lost my job. my wife was with her parents. she is been working as teacher till date. Later, In 2015 August, I have been acquitted in all charges. after this she started pressuring me to take her back to my house. I have become Numb and not ready to leave with her. In November, again she approached police station in her Jurisdiction to compliant against me, they have refused after the primary inquiry. This morning I got a call from her asking for 25lakhs and take divorce, and she also said that she is filed PCR in court directly as did not see things getting moved faster in the police station. I already appeared in front of the police station (at their native place) and confronted all the allegations they made on me. FIR still not filed in the police station. Do I need to go for any anticipatory bail if they file complaint in the court ? May be DV complaint / 498A? Please advise how can I move forward on this?