What is the position of the owner in a Hire Purchase Agreement ?

1. If the Hirer has altered the condition of the vehicle, say removed a portion of the vehicle that alters its original use and purpose and thereby making it less valuable, if the owner then repossess the vehicle and sells it in the open market, how does the owner recover the loss (loss in the value of the goods, caused ? 2. If the hirer has not paid the dues although its towards the end (25/30 months) of the agreement, the agreement period ended 2 years ago. Small payments have been coming with a lot of followup and persistence, now there is no response. The owner is unable to locate the vehicle too. What is the recourse? 3. The hirer needs to get a NO Objection Certificate from the Owner for the renewal of the Lorry permit( as required in TAMIL NADU), the permit expired in Nov 2014, The Hirer may not even have the required insurance, tax papers, permit renewal, what is the legal recourse? 4. If cheques are presented for the recovery of the balance amount after the vehicle has been repossessed, there appears to be a lot of cases where they have been dismissed without enquiry even the basis of charge and calculation. How can this be fair? Surely the hirer does not part with any profits that he has made when he hires the vehicle? As this