Partition Suit, Appeal, Execution Procedures

Dear Sirs, I am one among the plaintiff in the partition suit filed for claiming our grandfather's land which is a mix of plot and agricultural land. Our grandfather is our mother's father, mother expired in 2003 and grandfather expired in 2014. We are 4 children, i am the eldest and i have two younger sisters and 1 youngest brother, our father is not interested in the claim. Our grandfather had 4 daughters and 3 sons. He had gave partition of 3.5 acres of land to his 3 sons and he kept 3.5 acres of land for himself, out of which he sold about 1 acre to different parties in the form of plots. About 2.5 acres is available and filed the partition suit claiming 1/7 as the part of our mother. Since the opposite parties appointed the advocate but failed to file the counter, already ex-parte decree was granted by the court. 1.How long we have to wait for filing Execution Petition, if we file, will everyone get their part? 2.How much we have to pay fees for appointing commission? 3. Is it better to file EP separately or if some of the parties willing to join will it add strength to our claim? 4.How long is the time allowed for the other party