Eviction of tenant

Hello Sir, i had purchased commercial property on feb 2012 in my city (district tarn-taran ,punjab) itself (1st LANDLORD-A . A SOLD IT TO B LANDLORD 5 YEARS AGO AND NOW B SOLD IT US LANDLORD C(2012)),my case is - their is a tenant in shop from last 30 years ,who had neither paid rent from last 8-9 years to ex-landlord. he had done any type of agreement with us till date. original tenant had demised in 2015 and now his brother sits in demised shop .he doesn't have any type of rent receipt from last 8-9 years however few months back his son (nt his brother) sent us money order bt we didnt received it . his sons have a property just opposite to this demised shop that too on sale deed nt the rented one(purchased in 1989) .i also doesn't have any other property except this one in my name . let me tell u about the demised shop; the rented shop tenant doesnt have roof means only shop 11*22 belongs to him nt the roof ,as that roof and backside and even the left side belongs to other person. as this property about 35-40 years old so can put a case of not fir for habitat . sir one more point - the tenanted shop number as per muncipality record is 105/8 however as per the then agreement is 104/8 , this 104/8 is already sold to someone else . can this point serve a huge difference sir this is a humble request to please advice me how to evict this tenant as per law and that too in quick time . regards shaminder singh