Issues with the Promoter over giving the share of the property

I am facing issues with the Promoter regarding the share of the property as a landlord. We have given the land to the promoter for building of flat on an agreement of 60%-40% ratio between promoter and landlord. The landlord ratio would further be divided between 6 people since there are 6 brothers have there share on the land. The land falls under Thicka Tenants. The promoter has got his plan sanctioned for 3 storied building (G+2) from the Municipality. He decided to extend one more floor which doesn't falls under sanctioned plan. I at first decided to sale my portion of the share to promoter, but couldn't come into agreement due to the rate offered by him. Hence decided to keep my share. In the meantime while the negotiations was on between me and the promoter, the promoter asks the other landlords to choose there part (at the outset it was decided there will be a lottery but he gave the option to choose the part without going into the lottery system). The promoter now pressurizes me (the Landlord) that I have to take my share from the floor which has not been sanctioned. Being a landlord I am not agreeing to take the illegal (not sanctioned) part of the building. This is where I am facing the issue. Can you please advice me in this regard what are my options that I can take legally against it if the promoter doesn't agree to give my share from the sanctioned part of the building? Please let me know if you need any other clarifications. Thanks, Abir Chowdhury