Sir plz suggest for how soon get divorce from wife

Sir, I filed a divorce 1 year ago behalf of sepration of 2years to each other and i also raise a issue for charactor ..but i have a simply call details against and some written statement by her where she confess her mistakes which is unacceptable after marriage.finally After 4 time sent noticed and news paper announced but she void all these thing and never came in court..after all i got ex-party and after cross 1 evediance she came in court and blame us for dowery and mentally harras and tourcher in front of judge sahab...and court went for w.s by her once court try to manage our dispute but i denied to keep her again in my life while she and her family was agree to moov.already time has gone like 1.1 year.i want divorce.sir plz say how much maintainance will pay,i have total income 10000 per month there is no child and also no any property for mine. Against girls family parent both are in govt. Employee and carring huge property by herself and she is only 3 sister,there is no there is no need any maintaince..yet plz sir suggest some ideas i have been scared by her action and and also unable to give maintaince ..i want divorce... plz suggest sir ideas..