GIft Deed without grnadson knowledge or whtout any family consent

My Gandfather has 40 kathas of land which he has not divided .and is under his name . My father expires almost 7 month back and after hsi deatch it was learnt that my uncle sold 10 kathas of land out of 40 kathas stating that since he is keeping my grandfather he needs money.However after my grandfather died six month back i was told from my relatives that all land owned by my grandfather was gifted to my uncle .. this was known to me when i tried acquiring legal proerties of my grandfather . My uncle refused to give any info and whiel searching on net i came to know that all the proerty of my grandfather is already gifted to his wife i.e to my aunt . Well i am not sure if a man who never gave a inch to anybody and keep on telling that after his death the property should be divided within grnadson how come it went all to my aunt without my consent as a deed. It was known that my unlce forcefully got a gift deed to my aunt with thumb impression without even signing on the gift deed paper. What should i do now ? Whatever i had has gone to my aunt and wthout my knowledge and consent . Even i was not told of this incident anytime and now they refuse to pick my phone or any call of mine. Please suggest as time is flying and i do not knwo what to be done .