Senior citizen and maintenance act 2007

HI Sir my father died in 1980 , he was alotted a house of 250 sq yrds , after his demise , the property was transferred under the name of his children (me , my elder brother , my younger brother and elder sister), in order to maintain the security of my mother all the children transferred the property under the name of our mother in the year 1983 using the affidevits ,every child has given his/her affidevit . Now there were 2 more seperate properties ,out of which 1 property (150 sq yards plot )was under my name and 1 property was in the name of my father (2 kanal house) . my mother sold the property of my father(2 kanal) in year 2003 and gave share to my elder brother ,younger brother and my elder sister . also after few years she forced me sell the plot which was under my name aswell and kept the share with her in year 2002 . but in promise she made to me was , she will handover the house which was allotted initially to my father ,which was later transferred to her on my father demise under my name . me with my family along with my mother was staying in the said house for more than 30 years , in between she also giffted a house to my elder sister ,and the money she used was the money from earlier sold out properties , now one day she had a fight with my wife verbally and called upon my younger sister , who took her along with her , rather than sorting out the family issue , my mother put a domestic violence case against us , which we won . but in order to vacate the house from us she gave a complaint against us in haryana court under the senior citizen and maintenance act section 23 , the court gave the order to vacate the house , there were no verifications from police , no evidence but we were forcibly ask to vacate the house . my age is 58 years , my wife age is 54 years and my mother age is 79 years . my younger ,elder brother are fully involved in this . who are supporting my mother , we have not done anything and still we are out of the house , they have not given us single penny from my father earlier properties , we have put a civil suit as well , the case is still pending ,all my hard earning are gone , i belived my mother and brother , and they did wrong to me can you please suggest what shall i do in order to get repossession of the house