My Brother Wife asking for Maintenace Fees through Family Court

Only after 1 week my Brother wife left him with an excuse that she need some medical treatment but after some days when we asked her to come back she respond us negative and lay many conditions for returning she wont live in rented house since she is healthy in nature she eat how much she can my mother will not say anything to her we tried different means by mother and father approach her parents but in vain we tried local mosques imam but that also didn't work however on day her father approach us with local respected people that she need to leave but she need money which she had expensed in her marriage and that seems to 3 lakh ruppes but we refused this idea and suggested her to leave my brother by taking only bridal money but she refused now what happened that she sent a notice from family court asking for maintence fee which is due to be held on the end of this month so my qusestion with deep respect to all lawyers of this page please guide me with proper solution so that i tackle this mental cruelty of this woman and such act of kindness willl never be forgotten/