Partition deed is not registered

Dear Sir: In 1992 under the guidance of village elders discussed partition of undivided property of my grandfather between the three brothers (A, B, C). All the three brothers signed the stamped paper agreement. One of the Brother B who is responsible to ensure that passbooks are issued did not show up for the registration of the Deed in the (sub) registrar office. As a result the Brothers A and C were not issued the passbook. This brother B somehow managed to get passbooks in his name or his wife's name. Couple of years back the younger brother C went to his Brother B and threatened to commit suicide along with his family if he is not given his passbook. As a result the brother B immediately worked with the Tahsildar and got him his share as per mutually agreed in the original partition. My Father A is not getting his pattadar pass book because his Brother B is not returning his passbook to the Tahsildar's office to correct the extents and issue our book. I heard the supreme court gave a verdict that a family partition need not be registered and Tahsildar can consider the mutually signed stamped partition ... Please advise.