How to evict a criminal tenant

Dear Sir/Madam, I am owning a land in chennai. I that land i rented out two shops for rent which is running for more than 2 years. One is a hotel and another one is a tea stall. Business is very brisk in those shops.Things were going fine without any problem. But since last 1 year, they are not maintaining the neatness of the building and hence i warned them to keep it clean. They did'nt follow. So i asked them initially to vacate the building by giving them 2 months notice. But still they did'nt vacate. When i insisted, they say we will vacate tomorrow and they keep on dragging to vacate. Suddenly one day both of the shop owners filed a case against me in the court saying that i am threatening them with goondas to vacate. I was shocked. I am a senior citizen and i don't know what to do. I filed a reply petition in the court and now i got an eviction order for one of the shop. The eviction order says within two months time the shop owner has to vacate. Even after showing the eviction order the shop owner is not ready to vacate the shop since the shop is showing a very brisk business all the time. I am mentally disturbed and being a senior citizen i don't know how to proceed. Could anybody help me out.