Property dispute

Hello Sir/Madam, My father and his brother owns a joint property in Karnal, Haryana which happens to be our ancestrial property. Earlier there were two others owners as well, who were given their share and now the property is equally owned by my father and his brother. The dispute is regarding the divide of the property, as the current "dastbadarinama" only states the property is evenly divided and does not lays any boundries or outline, whereas, we do have a old "dasbadarinama" which was made at the time last divide that happened among the brothers, it clealy states which portion in the property belongs to whom. Also, my father took a liability or bank loan on his portion of the property, where in he submitted a map highlighting his portion and the same was duly signed by the other partner/brother. My father's brother and his sons have started threatning us to accept the arrangment according to their terms, which is unacceptable to us. I request you to provide a legal view on the senario. Thanks and regards Gursahib Singh