Help me to get compensation

My name is Amar Pratap Singh and I'm living in new Delhi. 35 years old and working with a private firm as real estate consultant in Gurgaon Haryana. On 2nd September 2015 I faced a road accident. I was going through a one way road and suddenly a bike comes from wrong side. My bike got accident with that. The boy realized his fault and took me to the hospital. Doctor said my right hip bone is fracture and have to do operation and fit steel rud to joint the fracture. Police comes to hospital as it was a road accident case. The boy was crying and said please don't make any kind of case it can destroy my career. He said he will pay money for operation and other further expansions. I denied to police for case because I was getting verbal compensation. But after that when time to pay fee of operation he paid half of the total and said please manage the rest amount I will give you when I will get payment from office. I believed on him.he said I will pay you the rest of money also for coming days as monthly expenses like rent and medical expenses. But after operation and after discharge he is not picking my calls and not giving any response. I'm facing too much problem from last six months. I lost my job. And i cant manage Monthly rent ,medical expenses and other house experience. I have taken approximately 1,50,000 on credit and on interest from friends and others. I want to know as I haven't filled the police case that time is there any possibility to get compensation from that boy. I'm facing too much problem. I'm a married man and have kids. It's really hard to survive in this circumstances. Please help