Regarding Proportation of House Land if not mentioned in Will

I am having 298 square yard house consisting of Ground, First Floor & Terrace. House is almost 56 years old. We 5 brothers having share in this property. I am having share as full ground floor of the house & my other 4 brothers having share on First Floor of the house. Share has been distributed as per covered area & terrace is common among all 5 brothers. My father had done a registered WILL in 1995 in which he had mentioned the share of constructed area given to every brother & same we are following without any dispute. Now I want to sell my Portion of Ground Floor, total ground floor area is in my share as per WILL. In the WILL, LAND SHARE is not mentioned. My query is, as the LAND share is not mentioned anywhere in the WILL only constructed area share is mentioned, so please let me know when i will sell ground floor so how much LAND SHARE Registry should be done to the buyer. Kindly let me know as I am confused with the Land Share of mine, as nothing is mentioned in the Will & my share is 50% as full ground floor is in my share which is around 2300 sq. ft. covered area. Kindly resolve my land share querry asap!!