Right of tenant

I had been staying in a house since mid of 2009. the initial rent agreement was made for 11 months and rent was 8000. Still I am saying in the same house. after three years owner increased the rent to 9000 but never renewed the agreement. In the initial rent. the agreement do not have any clause of auto renewal or salary increment or anything like that Now the owner is selling the property and asking me to vacate the house immediately. I also am leaving the City permanently in three months time. So I am not able to get another house in the same area. I requested the current owner and the new would be owner to give me time for 3 months. but he asks 3 times the current rent and fresh agreement with an advance that is not affordable for me to pay. In shuch scenario can I demand 3 month time as it was the in initial agreement? I had been paying rent through checque for proof. By way of mere acceptance of the same, does the current owner has liability to give me any specific period to vacate the house? what are Owners (new as well as old) rights and my rights in this case?