Hi sir, i am very tensed this days,reason its been a year i havnt got my money back from one of my trusted collegue. I'll describe you breifly,Year back one of my employee who work with n whom i trust alot name bharat singh bisht he is from uttaranchal,one day i told him about my job offer from abroad and also told him that m not able to go coz i donot have such qualificaton as required for. Then i told him m planning to do some open schooling 12th exam course,he said okay how much you r paying chef i said 1500 must be max no idea i said. then he ask me if i give you both 10th and 12th certificate how u will react. i said fine but it is safe,he said dnt worry i had also hv certificate of hotel managment from there only one who make certificate he is in my relation. I said how much i have to paid,He said i'll let you know. after 2 day he met me and said chef u hv to pay 50k i said its to much ,he said okay i'll convence him to 45k. I said okay but first i'll pay 15k then rest after receiving the certificate,he said okay. Then next day i transfer 15k on that person account vikram singh through money transfer, after a week again he ask me for 10k again i transfer the amount on the same account holder name and number. now its been a year that person who make certificate he is receiving my call but always said you will get nxt week or nxt mnth,now i ask them for my money,no body is answering my call. Please suggest me what should i do,as i dnt have any proof of giving money.accept that money transfer shop. Dipesh Thakuri