Property distribution disput in family

Hi, My grandfather has 5 sons and he owned 2 lands one of which was converted into 2 shops and other for house. My grandfather passed away 30 years ago and when my grandmother was alive she said that 2 brothers will get 2 shops and 3 brothers will get the house and one part of the house will go to my grandmother since she didn't want to depend on any one and everyone agreed but my grandmother passed away soon after. Each of the shops worth is more than the whole house, now since my grandmother has passed away everyone decided to make 3 part of the house but one of my uncle who is getting the shop has filed a case that house should be divided into 4 parts and 1 part will be distributed among 5 brothers. Now on above situation there is one more variable which I am not sure is viable or not : my grand father bought one of the shop which is going to my uncle(same uncle who filed the case) in my father's name when he was a minor. So my question is that can my father claim the shop or not ? All my uncles are very rich and we are not, truth to be told we cant even afford a good lawyer and all the lawyers in my town favors my uncle because he is rich so we are afraid to go to any of them for legal advice. Can you please give me some advice on what to do in this situation. I am a software engineer in kolkata. Thanks & regards, Prashant Soni