Regd Family

Hi, Greetings !! My sister got married in year 2009 .she and her hubby both are working in pune. It has been 6 + years of their marriage now. Problem is that her hubby only listens to his parents and implements thing on her . For ex:- his parents wants that she should work in office and then post coming home , she should work like maids and their son shouldn’t be given any trouble of any sort . From few days her hubby is making few symbols in public place (keeping finger on nose to show labor class ? prostitute) and due to that she gets troubled with labor class. This all ideas are being injected from his mother . When enquired about the symbols, he will innocently say that “u r miss understanding me “. Whatever things his parents say he just does the same thing . Last few months back they have done the Fixed deposit of money together, so his dad called all of us and said that let us give money back 2 each other , which she gave back . Now on his dad request they are staying in same house and managing their self-expense by their own salary. For ex:- if dinner is ordered and overall cost is 500 then she needs to give her share of food to her hubby (250 she gives to her hubby) My sister is fed up with all these things which is occurring on daily basis. Sister in laws also interfere and he just listen to them and implies all wrong thing on her . We are clue less for the above scenario since we don’t know what should be done. My sister is ready to stay with this guy, provided his family interference becomes less. It will be of great help if you can guide us. Looking for your cooperation . --Regards Anju