Not Serving Notice Period

I'm writing this to seek guidance on a legal notice sent to my daughter on not serving notice period. The following are the details of the case for your review. My daughter joined a School as a Content Writer in October-2015. As per her offer letter she was bind to serve a notice of 3 months. Due to the work pressure and undue working hours, she resigned in December and left without serving the notice period of 3 months. During her short tenure in the company, she was unwillingly asked to attend a teachers training program of cost of Rs. 60000 from third party for a day. Although the training was not associated with her job profile of Content Lead. The company claiming to pay training fee of Rs. 60000 and 3 months salary as stated in the offer letter. The company is sending civil court order notice to us for the same. My daughter is currently married and not residing with her in-laws in other city. We have not been accepting any legal notice on her behalf. Please kindly advise us a way through.