Cheating & Fraud by property broker & imposter flat owner

Local property broker had shown me flat in Airoli. He along with owner (fake) showed us faked paper. Both party agreed to cost of 52lac of out which Rs. 4 lakh been given by me to flat owner (fake) as an advance through nationalised bank cheque. He also provided signed on photocopy pasted with revenue stamp. I had asked for sale of agreement and promised to pay another 10 lakh at the time of agreement. By some of reason, both started avoiding my phone calls & procrastinated agreement by some reason. I went further and inquired in society and came to know that flat owner is some one else. Fake owner had some deal with original owner but not fulfilled. Now this fake owner had pretended me that he is real owner and not giving me my Rs 4lakh back. I had given written complaint to society about this. Also visited police station and given my written complaint against broker & fake owner . Its now one month, nothing has happened. Police is not registering any FIR and taking their sweet time. Please suggest how should I proceed further now. Will I get my money back? Will these fraud people punished? What rights I do have.