Parking issues

Hi, I would like to understand pertaining to parking space allotment in a society: 1. I'm a permanent member of a cooperative society and own a flat. I've been staying for more than 3yrs now. 2. The builder while purchase of flat has not allocated parking to us, as there were no spaces available 3. Now, inside the building compound parking space have been allotted to residents by builder.. Most of the residents don't stay here and have 'rented' there parking space in the building, some of these spaces have been rented to tents as well.. Here, inwoildnlike to understand, if the owner has the right to rent out a parking space to a tenant or the preference should be given to a resident of he doesn't have an assigned parking space? 4. Can I hereby take any action against the society for not assigning me a parking space? I've approached the society secretary to assign me a space but in vain.. Most of the residents have 2 parking spaces in the society, and residents like me are devoid of even one. Pls suggest, what actions can I take to rightfully get a parking space in the society?