Help me to take divorce from my wife

Dear Sir, I am writing this mail to you to get your help as I want to divorce my wife. I am giving here full details point wise. 1. I am Manish Darad basically from Jharkhand. 2. She is Jyoti Rawat basically from Uttarakhand. 3. We are residing in New Delhi. 4. Actually what happened I am clarifying this. 5. I am already married previously and have a daughter and a son from my first wife who lives in Jharkhand only with my parents. 6. I am a sales professional in a pharma marketing company. 7. So I got transfer to Dehradun and there was one of my friend of my childhood who was working there in a call centre. I told him to give numbers of some girls for time pass. So I called her and we started talking over phone. 8. In the starting I was just flirting but she used to cry always over phone and told me that her marriage was fixed but the boy to whom she was going to marry died in a road accident. 9. I am a kind hearted person so I advised her not to cry. 10. She used to take care of me like always used to ask about my food,work means full care. 11. At last I started loving her but as I was already married so one day I asked her some vulgar questions so that she can become angry. That time she got very angry but again our talk started. 12. So I started loving her deeply from my heart. Our meeting started and we used to meet outside but I never touched her because I was loving her truly. 13. After some days she told me over phone that she had already sex with another person previously then I replied that it does not matter because I know today's scenario. 14. One day she was not picking up my phone whole day so I got angry and scolded her. I asked her that with whom you were enjoying. She said sorry and clarified that she was with her friend. 15. I was not aware of all markets and places of Dehradun so we met next day in a market. There she told me that ok you are not believing me and have doubts on me so marry me. I will be yours. We went there in a mandir and I have given sindur in her maang. My hands were not with me. My that friend was also present there but have not seen this in mandir because he was outside. 16. When we came out of the temple then my friend saw sindur in her maang and asked me then I agreed. They she went to her home. 17. Then after some days she told me that she had an elder sister and her sister and brother-in-law got expired and at that time they had a girl kid of around 3 months. So she is taking care of that kid because the parents of her brother-in-law were not ready to accept this child because as per their thinking they lost their son due to that child. And her face matches with kid's mom so the girl who is of 6 years now tells her mother. I believed her. 18. Then I got her call that somebody has called to her mom and informed her about the scene of mandir so I asked her to give the number from which call came then she could not give and then I. told her to get call details from BSNL so that we can find the number by observing the time of that call but she could not provide me the same. 19. Then I asked my friend that has he done the call then he refused and I believe him but I made a conference call to her home and asked her to identify the voice but her mother was confused and identified the voice after saying that it may be like this. 20. My original birthday comes on 2nd April but as per certificate it is 2nd July,1986. I told you because after sometime I left the organisation for which I was working in Dehradun and joined another organisation in Delhi. I came to Delhi in February,2013. We used to talk over phone. 21. Then a plan was made that she will come to Delhi on my birthday but I did not want to ditch her. I thought that she is coming to meet me here by believing me so I made myself strong enough and told her the reality that I am already married then she told me that she had a doubt about this and I knew it later on that there is a sadhu in Haridwar to whom they meet and he has told these things. 22. But she called me to take her to Delhi from Dehradun and I went there to pick her. After reaching Delhi we booked a hotel room as I was not in a position to keep her in my room because that was a single room and my same friend was also living there. We booked hotel room on 31st March,2013 probably. That was a single room and there was a double bed. So we slept there but I have not done anything because I was not in love with her body. I loved her from deep of my heart. But accidently we had sex on 4th April,2013. Then I got disturbed because my thinking is somehow different. As per my thinking I should not do sex with any other lady and if I do I should own her responsibilities. After sone days she went back to Dehradun. 23. Then after some days she disclosed that she was also married earlier and the said kid daughter was hers only and her husband was murdered earlier by his friends only and started crying badly. I could not control myself and I said her that I am with you, you can come to me and live with me. I also visited Haridwar and markets of Dehradun with her daughter so that I can give her love as her father but I have understood now that these persons have no humanity. 24. So I went Dehradun again to take her to Delhi with all her household items which were present in her sasural and we came to Delhi. Her daughter got admission here and I have given my name as father's name. She is studying there but that kid also hates me and tells me to go out. 25. So on 30th June,2013 we married with full vidhi in a mandir in Delhi in presence of her mother,sister and her daughter and got some photographs but now they have hided those pics but I know that where are the negatives of those photographs. 26. After marriage,she never gives me respect. Her attitude has fully changed. Her mother and sister has also insulted me a lot but they blame that I do not respect them. 27. Even Jyoti has slapped me and in return I have just slapped one time then her mother and especially her sister insulted me a lot. One thing to note that her sister had physical relationship earlier with Jyoti's first husband. She has passed Std 5 but has got certificate of Std. 8th by getting help of Jyoti as she has also taught earlier. 28. Jyoti has a friend whose name is Mr. Deepak and previously she used to talk to him regularly and I am not confirmed about the present situation. 29. She do not even bother to cook food regularly and she always tells me that I am just fond of his body but that's not true so I have stopped touching her. 30. Sir from April,2013 or May,2013 when she came with her household items we have changed 5 flats till now. The reason behind this is her rude behave,attitude and she is too egoistic. Also she has habit of flying away to Dehradun anytime even in night. 31. Sir overall I an fully trapped because she has given birth to a baby boy on 11th April,2014. But I am unable to live with her. So please guide me and help me out to take full divorce from her so we should be like unknown person. I have lost my own prestige and peace. I am tensed daily and could not concentrate on my work and that's why I am jobless now and searching for a job. I know that I have done mistake by marrying her if I had my wife but this has happened because I became blind. Please take me out of this. Please reply as soon as possible. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks & Regards Manish Darad Mob. 08826879171