Harassment from in laws

Hello Sir/Madam, I am married since May 2013 and have a baby boy who is one month old. I am a government employee and on maternity leave now a days. My mom in law and husband harass me every day for every Hello sir I am married since 2013 and I have 1 daughter.....as my husband stays in abroad and works there. ....I have to stay with my in laws ....they use to harass me all the time when he was in abroad....means my mother in law my father in law and my two brother in law....they always use to fight with me and asks me to do all household work and they would never hold my child. ....even I ask them to keep servant but they never listened to me...When husband returned from abroad they use to make us fight over simple issues...evn though i have not done anything they use to make us fight thing in the house, thereby making my life miserable. Actually my mom in law has major influence on my husband n he agrees to whatever wrong she says. she creates one or the other scene and lies to him for petty issues. She tells lies to him and ignites fight/ arguments between both of us....Sir now when he has gone back to abroad my in laws are asking me to leave the house and go to my mom house....Sir is this possible to take each and everything and go to other place....now when I have moved out ...they are still harassing me on phone and stealing my worthy things from my safe....When I just opposed them...they are asking me to remove my full furniture from there place...Sir now you say how this is possible for me to do all this alone .....Please give advice where to complain about them and who will help me