Medical negligency

I approached clinic in Bangalore for my hair loss treatment,initially they explained me the treatment details and told the course fee is 50000/,I agreed to it and paid the amount,but immediately after paying amount they told me to pay extra 10000 for their products,which they dint explained before but although i agreed and paid 4000 initially.After i started my treatment,whenever i visited the clinic,they started demanding more money in the name of products,every time i visited they told me different price for same products,though there is no price tag over it,and the products which i initially purchased i used it for a week,then i observed pimples on my scalp and itching problems,when i informed them they told me to submit it back.and told me to get some tests done outside,which was costing me more,and they also told me to stop existing treatment and go for hair transplant,for which i was not ready and told them to refund my money.but they are not ready to pay stating that once paid money cannot be refunded terms and conditions written on their receipts.kindly guide me in this matter