Advice on contested divorce matter

I want to know about my rights in contested divorce?suit is not still filed .My husband want divorce on the basis of my call records and photographs before marriage and after marriage with my ex boyfriend but photos after marriage is normal one.before marriage photograph is we are living separately since 3 numbers are deactivated.all my jewellery in her possession my atm and my phone also i have deleted the data when they forced me to leave the house but they can misuse my photographs by taking backups.will they can file suit against me for adultery?i want to know how this issue will be solved mutually? what to do with call details as if now not in touch with my boyfriend.i and my husband doesnot have an good marital relationship also.what about those photos?is there any way to use these against my husband?if we will file suit in court what arte the chances of winning ang losing?i want a patch up and want to threaten him on the basis of my rights so patch up is arrived.married in amritsar.residing in uttar pradesh husband working in chandigarh and residing there?belongs to punjabi culture