Case filled by daughter for equal share in ancentral property

Father died in 1984 left Ancestral property House, Land, plot; Also having separate land (Self occupied on the income basis of other HUF Ancestral property. Occupation- Farmer) without making will. However now 3 son and 3 daughters are the only member and 1 son 1 daughters filed suit in 2006 for 1\6 share in each property. could you please advise daughters will get 1\6 the share or first it will divide on 1\4 to 1\4 to father (Imaginative) 1\4 to 1st Son and 1\4 to 2nd Son & 1\4 to 3rd Son then in father's share 1\4 will be distributed as 1\6 part to all six male and female member? under the considerations of supreme court Hindu Succession amendment act 2005 where if father died before 2005 there are no rights to daughter's in ancestral property?? Also in the court cross examination of Plaintiff No.2 (Who's daughter) said after the 4-5 years death of father she demanded the share to brothers and also sent notice and then after 2006 she filed the suit (In between not done any action for the same) ; So in above condition is she come under limitation act? and not liable to demand any? Please advice and thanks in advance for your kindly help..!!