Hindhu widow can claim maintanance from her Brother in law ?

We are governed under hindu mithkshra and we have six childrens for my father ( 3 sons and 3 daughter) in and we have inherited or fathers property situated in Uttarakannada District Karanataka, Subsequently after death of my our father i am became the kartha of the HUF and all the revenue records stands in my name, thereafter one of my brother have availed a loan mortgaging one of our family property from the financial institution for his business purpose and i am the guarantee of the said loan. Subsequently he was failed to repay the said amount and bank was sending notice to me for repayment. and myself and my family members are asking my brother for the repayment of the loan amount to the bank he was telling that he want his share from the HUF and the oral arrangement between the family members he agreed to take his share ( i.e. Mortgaged to the bank) as his share from the joint family property that part of time we are not made any partition deed in writing and as per the desire of the purchase and the katha was in my name property was sold in the year 2000 by the all family members jointly and amount were paid to clear the bank loan and remaining amount was given to my brother, and he leaving separately with his wife from the our joint family. Thereafter he was suffering from the several health problems and we have helped several time, and he was died in the year 2012 leaving behind his wife only and they have no issues, no his wife filed a suit against us for 1/6th share in the our property and claiming maintenance under section 19 and 22 of the Hindu adoption and maintenance act. Please advice me she is liable to claim 1/6th share in our joint family property she has lost the right when her husband sold the property and cleared his loan. please give me the advice Thanking You.