Regarding experience and relieving letter

I was working with wipro franchise ,my contract was till 31st december 2015 and it is very clearly mention in our contract that " this offer of appointment is valid from 22nd june 2015 to 31st december 2015 and stands automatically withdrawn thereafter unless the date is extended and communicated to you in writing " they didnt communicated anything with us regarding extension notice period was of 1 month(wipro has a portal where we have to apply for resignation means when we resign today we have to select relieving date after 30 days only they made portal such a way) on 4th jan 2016 i joined other organisation jst by showing approved resignation mail snapshot of previous manager they are not providing me my experience letter and relieving letter i worked with them for 1 year(23rd jan to 21st june was 1st contract then extended till 31st dec 2015) i didnt sign any contract with them after 31st dec this was my first job ,they didnt provide any kind of induction to me please let me know should i get my experience & relieving letter? did i have done any mistake? please let me know?