Divorce status and child custory

Dear Sir , I am also an unfortunate victim of dowry harassment and gotten thalaq after finishing my wealth . I would like to have an expert opinion on some queries that i am having about my life current situation . I got first and second thalaq in written on 21 Feb 2014 and 27 April 2014 respectively . I have already filed case against him in Kerala , for return of my dowry which include gold , car and other assets that he and his family hold in possession. And filed 498A against him and his mother for the domestic violence and harassment . Now its been 2 and half years he is not providing me third thalaq in writing and says he will never give me third thalaq and will keep me as his servant for ever also he is not providing any maintenance for me and my daughet for the last 3 years . Now he is going to marry another girl from rich family with very high dowry becaus ehe is muslim and he can marry 4 times he says . My question is does he can marry another girl without legally divorcing me ? if so , how the case will impact on him ? How can I obtain my Third thalaq and legal divorce from him. Please advise Regards K