Evidence of physical cruelty

Dear experts. I got married in 2013. Me and my wife moved overseas after just 2 months of marriage and stayed for nearly 2 years. I have been living overseas from last 6 years. During her stay there she was very verbally abusive and even physically violent to me. I returned to India few months ago in 2015 and tried to talk to her family but on the contrary they filed a domestic violence and dowry complaint in women cell and also other similar cases (sec 17,18,19,20,22) in the court against me, my mother and my sister (citizen overseas) after few days when I flew back overseas. She alleged that my husband has deserted me in India intentionally when I (wife) refused to pay Rs 15 lac more to him. She also alleged of returning her stridhan which she already has taken including jewelry. She has applied for a monetary relief of Rs 10 lac under sec 20, Rs 50,000 pm for maintenance, They also seem to have bribed the women protection cell who are now harassing my parents in India. I have video evidence (mobile videos) of her being violent against me and threatening me when she was overseas. Also, I have a doctor certificate of her mental depression (before marriage). Now I know that everything filed by her is false I have few questions in regards to fighting this case: 1. How effective is the video evidence of her cruelty on me in the court ? If yes what is the best stage to present it in the court 2. Can she claim a part of my immovable property (agricultural land, house) in India ? 3. Can I file a divorce overseas? Can it be considered legitimate in India as we stayed most of the time after marriage overseas? 4. Her elder sister also got divorced few years ago with allegations on his husband's extra marital affair (US citizen). Can this be a supporting statement to show her family background and their intentions? 5. Has my sister anything to do with this? Can she be involved like this? 6. What evidence she needs to provide for her false allegations of dowry (cash or gifts) at the time of marriage. Thanks in advance