Rental agreement amendment during tenant notice period Hyderabad,

Rental agreement amendment during tenant notice period Hyderabad, India ? I am planning to let out my flat lease for 11 months in Hyderabad. Tenant of the flat will be private company who wants to use the flat for their employees accommodation. I received rental agreement from the private company where terms are beneficial for the tenant rather than owner which they want me to sign. I have mentioned about changes in the terms but the private company is reluctant to do any modifications. Here are my concerns for this agreement, need your suggestions. (a) Lease can be terminated by either parties giving 2 months notice period. Advance given for 2 months will be adjusted by the tenant during the notice period. If tenant didn't pay any previous months rent, electricity, maintenance, any damages done to the flat ..etc by the time of notice period being a owner I will be at risk ? (b) If i sign the rental agreement now later during the notice period being an owner can i ask for rental agreement amendments or send an legal notice when i find out any past dues or damages to my property are done by tenant ? Since they are other flats in the apartment available i don't want to loose money by keeping my apartment vacant. I am trying to understand risks involved, need your valuable suggestions. Please send me an email at [deleted]