125 Maintainance, DV, 498A and Divorce

Dear sir, We have got married on 17th may 2012. she left matrimonial home on nov 2012 and till then not came back and filed several cases against myself and family members. no child from marriage. Case filed:- 1. section:- 498a, 406, 323, 506, 504, 34 (current situation:- the case is not came on board yet) 2. divorce case filed by me on dec 2014 (interim maintenance is dismissed as currently she is working ) (she is working, i had her bank statement in which salary is getting credited from employer.) Divorce case is under trial. 3. section 125 cr. p.c at bandra family court (april 2015) ( under trial ) Does the bank statement of wife is sufficient to prove that she is capable to earn to dismiss crpc 125 as well ???:- please advise 4. dv case at mulund on march 2015 ( under trial) Since she is working please advise whether interim maintainance and permanent alimony can also be dismissed. please advise Please advise :- whether to stay firm or go for mcd (mutually consent divorce). If i decide for fighting how much time it will take based on your experience in my case. Your necessary needfull comments will be very much helpfull sir, Awating for your much needed advise. Thankyou, Sachin.