Is there any law for this?

Sir, I need legal help for this matter between me and my wife. A little back ground on family problem. We both are working professionals. It was our love marriage in 2010, have 2 kids. We had happy time until 7/8 months after marriage. Soon after that wife's parents started asking money to my wife in full salary seeing we were happy as they were not in favor of our marriage. Initially i disagreed that, but agreed due to disturbances in family in 1/2 months. Slowly i noticed my wife was getting detached from me, my parents, my family members. She treated us like we were outsiders, like unused stuff in house. Her behavior was very bad always to my parents, often quarreling with me. A hell like situation always at home. According to her, we would do all she wanted. Like dancing at her tunes as she is professional. Days passed, she did not want me to play with my kids or talk to them saying i was making them down. How come i make my kids down?? And same for my parents. She refused to give them access to their grandsons saying rubbish. Even she refused to allow me to take my kids to my native. Any one can imagine how the situation is!! Now she is at her work with 2 kids. I dont have access to my kids, dont know how they are. I had to leave home due to much disturbances. I am at my work in different city. My parents had to leave us and stay alone in village due to her unbearable torture. She never talks to me, only in case when money needed for household expense. I dont her to be good to me, that wont happen any more. But i want my kids. In this case, what should i do? Should i ask for divorce or anything else. Can it possible to get custody of one kid if applied? Please suggest. Thanks