Pending salary and Gender Discrimination

I have few issues along with final payment. The company i worked for from 2012-2015, have failed at many instances to pay complete salary to few senior employees due to lack of finances during which they asked us to sign a document saying we are willing to accept 50% of salary and agree that the remaining will be paid when the company stabilizes on finances. This is 6 months is 2013, the same has not been paid till date. I have resigned after proper resignation and clearance as on 31st Dec 2015, without any dues. I was told in Oct 2014 that under cost control measure few people have to accept 50% of their salary till things get better, however nothing got better and i also realised i was the only employee whose salary was not being paid in full, however there were many new hiring with as high as 55lac p.a salary. I am a lady hence i was being singled out, i was working as HR Head for the organization with CTC of 22L p.a and whenever i tried talking about reinstating my normal salary i was told company still struggling. i wasn't communicated any salary cut in writing, nor did i sign any acceptance of such a proposal. There has been no increment since 2013 either. what i need advice from you is Can i claim my entire deducted salary legally.(6 months- Oct 2013- April14, 12 months- Nov 2014-Dec 2015 can i take any action on the company for singling me as a female staff and claim gender discrimination. Its two months they haven't spoken anything regarding my terminal payments, what action can i take. During these periods i have gone through extreme mental harassment and agony. i need some guidance to bring such harassing employers to law and help others from suffering. As an HR head i also know they have not paid any staff who have resigned since Dec 2013 except for those who have mailed them with a copy to the labour commissioner. I would be glad if you can help me with some advice how to take this case ahead. regards