Breach of Security & Customer Privacy Violation

Hello I had a post paid mobile connection which I was using in Bangalore, however as I fell sick I came back to my native, however the mobile bill was paid as I was sick and completely forgotten. The phone company also didn't send me any reminder on my email address or address and started calling random people phone number by stealing their phone nos. from my postpaid bill and they faked a courier company story to get information about the same. I spoke to them and also sent an email about customer privacy violation to the concerned mobile bill company and they confirmed that such incident won't occur however again few days back they stolen phone # from my bill and again called one of my colleague asking about me faking they are courier from a courier company. When I called them they told me they are from the mobile company and want the bill payment and over the phone they admitted that they stolen ph # from my post bill (I have the voice recording of the call), I again re-sent the email to the mobile bill company but no response from them. This is clear case of security breach and customer privacy violation and also I am feeling so much insulted and embarrassed about the situation. Kindly suggest can I file any legal case against them and ask for compensation against Defamation.