Settlement of Lease Money from owner

Dear sir. The lease agreement of the house was made on 13th march 2014 for the period of two years. after staying three months in that house we purchased the new house and we requested the owner to give back the lease amount. He told that know he is not able to give the deposited amount right know as he invested the amount in the business. He promised to give the amount after the completion of one year. After that we took his permission orally and rented the leased house to the college students. After a year when we asked the owner to settle the lease amt he told that he will be giving the amt after the lease time expires. I am not having money right know. Then we said ok. Know after two years we asked today that anyhow the lease time is coming to end by march 13 2016, kindly settle at least some amt know so that we can tell those students to vacate your premises and other formalities of painting and repairing can be done. He talked very rudely that he will not give the lease amt for another six months even after the lease time gets over. if want u can give the police complaint, lawyer notice. I have seen many such polices and notices. kindly give me the suggestions what to do in such a bad status of the owners.