Criminal case

Hi, This case is regarding one of my relative(male). The opponent party (girl) has filled a dowery harrasment case against him under a section 498 a and few more section which is nonbailable in Bangalore, but he is currently abroad . The police had been to his house with a arrest warrant, but he was out of country. A) what is the action item to be taken by him? Can he come to India and return abroad without taking a bail? B) Should he apply for bail? If yes, can he apply for bail without coming to India? C) If No, after coming to India, can he go back abroad before even the case is over? Since he didnt respond to the above case, now the opponent have filled one more criminal case against him, his father and mother under domestic harrasment in bangalore. In between the opponent party's father and the guys father signed a paper in front of their respective lawyers for a mutual settlement and both this boy and girl signed a docement for mutual sepration in front of a mediator (who is a lawyer again) whic is filled in the court for divorce in Tamilnadu, native of the guy. This happened after the criminal case was filled and before the arrest warrant. A) will this signed copy help the guys family to come out of both the criminal cases filled by the girl in bangalore? Please help us .