Adjustment of advanced security deposit amount with my PG owner

I am staying in a PG since two years three months. My PG owner always used to modify the rules of PG as per his benefits. I was new to this city and hardly knew anyone here. My rent was 4500 rupees and electricity bill was included into that. After two months, my PG mgr added the rule to pay 100 rupees extra for the electricity and said that we can use whatever we want like induction, iron, emulsion rod, etc. I didn't use any of these things mentioned above because I did not have. I could not do anything because I did not have any other option except to pay him because he didn't want to listen anything. After 4 months, he again changed his rule and told that if we are using induction we have to pay another 500 rupees for induction. I purchased an induction by that time but I used it only on weekends and I had told him that I will use it only in weekends. Everytime, he used to shout at me for that only and didn't do any other work related to pg. Lastly, I decided to leave this pg. But now he is not returning my advanced security deposit and forcing us to leave the pg without adjusting the amount. He will only allow me to stay in the PG if I will pay the last 2 yrs induction charge.I have paid all my rent amounts till Feb-2016 and he did not ask for induction amount from the last two years nor added it in my monthly rent receipts. I am a girl staying in a single room and if he forcefully tries to remove me from the pg what can I do. I cannot pay the amount because he cheated me. Plz suggest.