Mental harassment with my father.

Hi, My father failed against me for maintenance. He has not taken care of my family from my childhood. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother I have struggled lot come to this position( I m a software engineer). My mother expired 8 years back with cancer.My father has 4 wifes he left all finally settled with one lady. His age is 60 years now. He is central govt employee but he did forgery so terminated from service and court has given 1 year punishment. He went up to supreme court finally he has escaped from that punishment. I have performed marriage for my 3sister's. He has full knowledge about Indian law and he was many cases on others with his knowledge. In same way failed case against me. I have experty order by failing case AP high court. Now main cases is running but now also he sending notices to my company and involving company also in cases. I couldn't hold pressure from company finally resigned. Now he failed New petition for company and address. I m trying go out of him he not leaving me tourchering like anything. How can I stop this nonsense can some advise me.