Domestic Violence

Hello, I'm seeking advice and clarity on domestic violence law. The police has been of no help whatsoever. My brother is chronic alcoholic for more than 15 years now. He abuses us: my parents and me every minute of every day. The abuse is verbal and physical. Small arguments - if we don't give him money turns in a physical battle. My parents are old, my father had a brain tumor removed last year but is still recovering, mother also has health issues that comes with age. I'm a well educated woman with MBA but sitting at home because I cannot leave my parents alone, its just too risky. My brother threatens us causing harms, society people are also fed up because of this. I have some details that can help you guide me accordingly: 1) My brother in under medication - emotional distress, schizophrenia and bipolar disease. According to the psychiatrist these are the medication given to alcoholics because of the mental imbalance in the brain due to chronic drinking. He speaks to the television, gives commentary in the air, talks about how he is a superhero with power to punch a hole in the wall then blame us the next day for bruised knuckles because we hurt him. He is delusional and had completely lost balance between reality and fiction. PS: This only happens when he drinks, otherwise he is manageable. And he is always under the influence of alcohol or some other local substance. 2) He has been to rehab thrice now. He goes willingly and he agrees to his addiction but then it only last for 24 hours or so. 3) He has partial memory loss and doesn't recall hurting us most of the times. If we tell him what he has done he gets angry and says we must have provoked him. According to his doctor these are symptoms of schizophrenia. 4) We had lodged NC with the local police station twice in the same day withing a span of 5 hours. Every incident calls for a refresh NC is what we were told. What is need to know is - 1) Does verbal death threats come under NC or FIR. I did ask the police to lodge it under FIR but they did not and said police can only lodge NC for domestic violence. Can they do that? Even in the case of a death threat! 2) Also can he be sent to mental hospital and if yes, what is the procedure and who should I contact in this matter. I know we're not the only family with such severe case and there is absolutely nobody to turn too. Police doesn't seem the know the law themselves, every police fellow is spoke to gave different information on the same matter. Such authorities just don't understand the severity of these situations that is until someone dies. And who will take the responsibility then because I can foresee things taking a drastic turn in my house. Please advice me what I do? Thank You